Absolute imports with React

I'd like to say that all my time writing relative import statements like this has taught me some valuable lessons:

import Gauge from "../../../components/Gauge";

However, I can safely say that if I could go back in time and send myself a link to this post that all I'd be sacrificing is a bunch of frustration, and instead of the above I'd be able to write:

import Gauge from "components/Gauge";

It also means that VS Code's helpful attempts (which for me have had mixed results) at fixing imports when moving files around becomes a thing of the past.

VS Code updating imports

The good news is that this is a very easy fix, as both create-react-app (CRA) and Next.js (Next) will read from jsconfig.json (if it exists) during the build process.

To learn more about the jsconfig.json file, including other benefits it proves, configuration options, and best practices, check the Visual Studio Code documentation on jsconfig

The file needs to go in the root of your project folder, and the contents vary based on whether you're in a CRA or Next project:

// jsconfig.json for create-react-app
"compilerOptions": {
"baseUrl": "src"
"include": ["src"]

// jsconfig.json for Next.js
"compilerOptions": {
"baseUrl": "."
"exclude": ["node_modules"]

The key difference is which folder is the base - for Next it's the root (.) folder, and for CRA it's the src folder.

We also want to ensure we exclude node_modules, which is explicit for Next ("exclude": ["node_modules"]) and implicit for CRA (accomplished by only "include": ["src"]). This does not impact your ability to import and use packages (e.g. import React from "react" still works), but it does stop VS Code to not attempt to index and provide intellisense on your node_modules folder.

So, now you've saved some time (and frustration) by binning relative imports, perhaps it's time to consider type checking your JavaScript? If I've wasted minutes on relative imports, then I think I'm into hours (or days!) lost that "checkJs": true could have saved me.